Mysterious Ultra-Long Mercedes-Benz E-Class Spotted

So it is no secret that Mercedes-Benz is working on a couple of long-wheelbased variants of the 2014 S-Class. Most notably, we have the extended wheelbase version as well as the much talked about Pullman. Now a video has emerged showing a dramatically stretched version of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate has emerged and it is certainly unlike anything else currently on the road.


Despite looking like the real deal, this stretched E-Class is not an official Mercedes-Benz model and likely comes from limousine builder Binz. Binz has worked their magic on the E-Class in the past stretching it into a six-door variant as well as creating an elongated E-Class to serve as a luxurious hearse. They also released the Binz X-Orange last year based on the previous generation E-Class Estate. This latest prototype appears to be the coachbuilder’s latest creation.

From all of these previous Binz creations, they have been based on the sedan variants of the E-Class. This seems to be the first time the coachbuilder has ventured into stretching the new generation E-Class Estate.

Stay tuned to GTspirit for more details as they surface!

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