McLaren 12C on PUR Wheels

SR Auto’s have been at it again, this time they have had a go at enhancing the looks of the sublime McLaren 12C Coupe and the results are rather controversial. As with the majority of their projects, the tuners began by lowering the car a few centimeters to give the car a look of aggression and then sat it on some very classy PUR Wheels.

As you can see, that certainly is not all that they have done to the remarkably fast McLaren. The entire front bumper has been changed, the rather gawky lower section of the standard car has been swapped out with a much more simple, yet angry looking design. Moving round the car we can see that some shark fin inspired side sills have been installed, of course finished in carbon fiber.

There is a new much more prominent rear diffuser and as is mandatory with any tuning project, a massive rear wing has also been installed! What do you think of this 12C? A little to far?

McLaren 12C on PUR Wheels



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