The Lamborghini Countach is one of the most legendary Lamborghini’s to date and the 5000 QV is one of the best of those. With only 610 being built, it is also one of the rarer examples. Under the hood, in typical Lamborghini style, is a huge 5.2 liter V12 with four valves per cylinder (quattrovalvole in Italian). As a result this car from way back in 1985 will produce a staggering 455 bhp!

The Countach’s design both pioneered and popularized the ‘wedge-shaped’ that makes this car instantly recognizable. The steeply angled look became very popular and was adopted by many high-performance sports cars. The “cabin-forward” design concept, which means the passenger compartment is pushed forward to accommodate a bigger engine, was also started by the Countach.

This unblemished red car was seen cruising the streets of Monaco and was captured by Raphael Belly Photography.


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