Nissan GT-R Bodied Racer is a Drag Racing Machine

As it stands, this Alpha 16 powered Nissan GT-R is arguably the world’s fastest GT-R across the quarter mile. Back in October, it ran an amazing 8.23 second sprint at a top speed of 173 mph. In the process it launched to 96 km/h (60 mph) in just 1.78 seconds. However, that GT-R has nothing on this.


While one can easily question the authenticity of this actually being a GT-R and not a completely custom drag racer, it has maintained the GT-R’s engine albeit with some incredible modifications lifting power to around 1,500 hp. However, that engine has then been dumped in a brand new chassis with a brand new transmission and a raft of other changes.


A fiberglass body mimicking the road-going GT-Rs design has then been bolted on to create this truly menacing drag racer. In the following video, the car was pitted against a Toyota Supra which claims to be world’s fastest 2JZ engined car in the world! Check it out to find out who wins…


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