The McLaren 12C is a mechanical masterpiece. What it lacks in passion and flair is compensates for in pure engineering greatness. Unfortunately the white example you see photographed above has been taken off the road and seized by Police after allegedly colliding with a cyclist in London. The A 41-year-old cyclist was taken to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries. The owner of the McLaren will also been feeling pain as he has been punished for not having the correct insurance for the 328km/h supercar.

‘Police in Islington seized a McLaren MP4 after it was involved in a collision with a cyclist,’ a Met spokesman said today. ‘The vehicle was seized by police as the driver, a 63-year-old man, wasn’t insured to drive.’

GTspirit drove the 12C and we loved it! The performance is explosive, the grip tenacious and as a result the 12C will fly past the 100km/h in just 3.1 seconds with corsa tires! Incredible!

[Source: Daily Mail]


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