Stretched Jaguar E-Type

For many, the Jaguar E-Type is considered as one of the most beautiful sports cars ever produced. With its flowing lines, large round headlights and sex appeal, the Jaguar F-Type certainly stands out from the crowd. However, one U.S. E-Type owner wanted to add that little bit of extra flair to his vehicle and opted for it to be lengthened by 4.5 inches thanks to Classic Motor Cars Limited of Bridgnorth (CMC).

In addition to having his Jaguar E-Type stretched, the fanatical owner also requested a custom trailer to be built and CMC opted to joined two E-Type rear ends together to create a trailer identical to the rear-end of the regular car. The trailer is connected to the car via a removable tow hitch which locks into position through the reverse light.

Stretched Jaguar E-Type

When discussing his unique Jaguar E-Type, the owner Paul Branstad said, “The stretched E-Type I have conceived sits between the Series I and the subsequent vehicles produced after the merger and formation of British Leyland, when the design of the cars underwent several transformations as a consequence of cuts in production costs and the need for more space that resulted in the Series II 2+2 and Series III V12.”

Managing director of CMC Nick Goldthorp had this to add, “This is something that we have never done before. Our client wanted the interior leg room of a Series 3 V12 E-Type but the aesthetics of a Series 1 car.”
“We have added four and a half inches to the floor pan, which will give the leg room of the V12 plus an additional one inch if required. The V12 was actually nine inches longer than a Series I but a lot of the additional room was behind the seats as storage and was not required on our project.”


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