Rich Prank By VitalyzdTv

Vitaly, the star of VitalyzdTv, is at it again, but this time with the help of Vine celebrity Jerome Jarre. The two have been seen collaborating in recent weeks in Los Angeles filming multiple videos. Earlier today, VitalyzdTv released the following prank. Similar to the prank GTspirit shared earlier last month, it involved a luxury sports car. Instead of a Lamborghini Gallardo spyder, this time Vitaly picked a Maserati Grancabrio instead.

Jerome Jarre offers a ride to a young lady at a bus stop in something comparable to a tin can on wheels. Ungratefully, the female ignores Jerome’s offer completely. Moments afterwards, Vitaly offers the same lady a ride but this time in a Maserati Grancabrio. With a bit of persuasion the female gets in. Watch the video to see how it ends!



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