German Automakers Said to be in Bidding War for Nurburgring

Reports have emerged indicating that a selection of German automotive giants are interested in purchasing the legendary Nurburgring which has for quite some time, been in desperate need of a new owner.

Despite hosting some of the best motorsport events on the calendar such as the Nurburgring 24 Hours and the Formula One German Grand Prix every second year, the Nurburgring has long been plagued with financial concerns after previous owners overloaded the complex with debt and bad investments.

Bidding for the entire Nurburgring complex was opened in late May. All interested parties for the Nurburgring complex had until June 12 to officially express their interest in the purchase and the entire complex is for sale including the old Nurburgring course, the Formula One Grand Prix circuit, the Motorsports Resort and the Congress and Motorsport Hotel.

Previous speculation pin-pointed Formula One supremo Bernie Eccelstone as a potential buyer while the ADAC German automobile club is also said to be interested in the purchase. However, the latest information is the most exciting.

It is being reported that Daimler, BMW and the Volkswagen Group could be interested in purchasing the entire facility. It certainly wouldn’t be out of the question for such a large automotive groups to purchase such an historic facility because in the middle of last year, Volkswagen’s Porsche purchased the Nardo Ring.

[Via Reuters]

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