Audi S5 Crushed by Shipping Container in China

A black Audi S5 was somehow crushed by a shipping container in China recently, but miraculously, the occupants of the luxury car survived.

It is currently unclear how the incident occurred, but the results are horrendous. Based on the damage caused to the Audi S5, it appears as though the shipping container came flying off a large truck transporting the heavy load. When the truck overturned, the shipping container landed flat on the Audi. It is possible the shipping container was not properly fastened to the truck or the sheer force of the truck crash could have broken all supports.

The Audi S5 was consequently crushed to an almost equal extent you’d expect to see from an industrial car crusher. What’s more, the brunt of the force was right where the two occupants were sitting.

It is a miracle that both survived with no-life threating injuries and goes to show just how rigid the Audi A5 is.

[Via Shanghaiist]

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