No This Isn't a Dodge Viper GTS, It Is A Corvette C4

On initial appearances this replica may look like a real Dodge Viper GTS to some. For us however, there is no mistaking it as a fake but the feature that makes this Dodge Viper GTS unique is the donor car that it has been built around.

Underpinning this Dodge Viper GTS replica is none other than a Chevrolet Corvette C4. While the more modern C6 Corvette in top-spec is seen as a more appropriate rival to the Dodge Viper GTS, mixing the two cars together is like making a Lamborghini Murcielago replica from a Ferrari 246 Dino.

Very few details about the replica have been provided on the Craigslist advertisement but based on the horrible quality video attached, a V8 engine is likely to be found on the ‘custom’ Dodge Viper GTS bodywork. One engine feature which is clear is that this replica features tuned-port injection for its small-block V8 engine.

No This Isn't a Dodge Viper GTS, It Is A Corvette C4

It also features an automatic transmissions, Alpine CD player and Kicker woofers.

[Via Craigslist]


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