Tesla Model S Crashes and Ignites in Mexico

Another Tesla Model S has been crashed and caught on fire, this time somewhere in Mexico.

According to eyewitnesses who saw the crash, the Tesla Model S driver was speeding, lost control of the vehicle, jumped a curb and hit a low wall at high speed. The resulting impact led to a severe fire notably more extensive than this recent Tesla Model S fire in the United States. Mysteriously, the driver disappeared from the scene.


Following on from the aforementioned Tesla Model S fire in Seattle, Tesla praised the safety and design of its electric sedan as the firewall separating some of the battery packs at the front from the cabin wasn’t breached thus meaning the interior of the Model S remained untouched. However, the Tesla Model S involved in this crash didn’t fare so well as the entire car was engulfed in flames before the local fire authorities go the blaze under control.

However, putting the fire out with water wasn’t as easy as a normal gasoline powered car fire. Because the Tesla Model S is electric, and electricity and water don’t mix, some intense blue sparks engulf the entire vehicle with the fire-fighters standing just feet away from the carnage!

Following on from the recent Seattle Tesla Model S, it was announced that the U.S. Government would not investigate the fire. This fire however, could spark some sort of investigation.

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