Entry-Level Tesla to be Called Tesla Model E?

So it’s no secret that Tesla Motors is currently preparing an entry-level electric sedan. Up until now, very little about the entry-level Tesla has been known, but according to new reports it’ll be dubbed the Tesla Model E.

Just like the Tesla Model S (which stands for sedan) and the Tesla Model X (which stands for crossover), the Tesla Model E unsurprisingly stands for entry-level. So not a very creative name, but the Tesla Model E is predicted to offer similar styling to the Model S at a much cheaper price.

When discussing the entry-level Tesla earlier this year, Musk said “With the Model S, you have a compelling car that’s too expensive for most people,” he said. “And you have the Leaf, which is cheap, but it’s not great. What the world really needs is a great, affordable electric car. I’m not going to let anything go, no matter what people offer, until I complete that mission.”

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