Bugatti Veyron Races 700hp Nissan GT-R in Russia

The Nissan GT-R has proven its acceleration capabilities again and again frequently beating supercars worth three to four times more. However, how will a lightly tuned Nissan GT-R compete with the almighty Bugatti Veyron across the standing mile?

Well the following video depicts just that and the results are quite surprising. The Nissan GT-R has been tuned courtesy of the Ekutek Stage 2 kit to now deliver 700hp. The Bugatti Veyron on the other hand is stock and consequently pumps out 987hp.


Thanks to an excellent start, the Nissan GT-R manages to complete the quarter mile in just 11.922 seconds at 204.89km/h while the stock Bugatti Veyron just beats it with an 11.285 second quarter mile sprint. By the time the quarter mile comes up, the GT-R completes it in 28.788 seconds while the Veyron took 28.341 seconds.

Unfortunately, this race is not an accurate portrayal of just how fast the Bugatti Veyron is. Coming up to the finish line, the Veyron driver slams on the brakes to make for a more thrilling ending.


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