Mercedes-Benz S-Class Plummets 400 Feet Off a Cliff and Survives

It’s quite common knowledge that Mercedes-Benzes are extremely safe cars. What’s more, the top-of-the-range S-Class models generally feature every safety feature you could imagine in order to protect all occupants.

In order to showcase just how safe the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is, Mercedes-Benz has released some interesting images and a story of a 2010 S400 HYBRID which plummeted 400 feet down a cliff in the Yosemite National Park in August and came out relatively unscaved.

The unnamed driver of the 2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 HYBRID claims that he was forced to swerve to miss an oncoming SUV. Unfortunately, that meant he flew off the edge on a sharp corner. Fortunately however, the car appears as though it didn’t roll once travelling down the embankment and may have just rolled down the hill, crashing through trees at high speed.

When the car reached the base, it was just 50 feet above a creek and the driver said, “I don’t know what my thinking process was, but I decided to get out and start walking downhill. So I opened the door and hopped out, dropping seven feet down to a dry creek bed and then tumbling another 40 feet or so.”

“Somewhere down the hill, after I was done clipping off treetops, I came to with the car lodged between two trees. The first thing I recall was an mbrace operator asking me if I was ok. I didn’t answer, but then I heard her on the line to CHP and telling them there’d been an accident and she could hear someone breathing.”

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