Hamann Nervudo From Frankfurt 2013 Up For Sale

The outlandish Hamann Nervudo, based of course on the Lamborghini Aventador, which debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show 2013, is up for sale. With a list price of 458,000 euros, it’s inevitable that this Hamann Nervudo will be purchased by a true supercar enthusiast. Either that or a wealthy person from the Middle East wanting to show off in London or Monaco.

The Hamann Nervudo receives a new two-piece front spoiler constructed from carbon fibre with air ducts to improve cooling of the brakes. The new side skirts contribute to the optimized aerodynamics, stabilising the airflow around the underbody. The inlet covers on the engine compartment supplies air to the engine and the glass panels allows a view inside to the engine. Alternatively, the package can be specified with visible carbon panels instead.

At the rear, the Hamann Nervudo gets a new rear spoiler, a new rear diffuser and a new rear spoiler, all finished in carbon fibre. Hamann has also developed a sports exhaust muffler specifically for the Nervudo with a special race variant which creates a flamethrower effect!

Hamann Nervudo From Frankfurt 2013 Up For Sale

Thanks to the complete reworking of the ECU the Hamann Nervudo now features 760hp instead of the standard 700hp. Maximum torque is boosted from 690 to 735Nm.

[Via Mobile.de]

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