Rolls-Royce manufacture cars that pull off subtle elegance, opulence and comfort. They are quite and waft down the down sheltering occupants in a cocoon of mellow colored leather and shag-pile. All sound a bit to boring and dreary for you? Well Mansory might just have a car you’re looking for. This brightly colored Ghost is the tuning firms iteration of the Ghost after being in an explosion at a paint factory, it is bright, brash and stands for everything that Rolls-Royce does not. Pick any and as many colors of the spectrum and Mansory will be able to incorporate it into your Rolls!

The looks of the Mansory Ghost are loud and overwhelming as is the performance. Mansory added a little sporting pedigree to the Ghost by implementing new hardware such as enlarged bi-turbo chargers, a stainless steel exhaust system, sports manifold and sports catalysers. This all resuls in a Ghost that produces 720hp! This car was spotted in the infamous Dubai Mall by Swedish Spotters.

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