Mercedes-Benz was recently voted as the 11th coolest brand from more than 10,000 independently-identified brands in the 2013/14 survey, a five place jump from where the German marque was placed last year. The winner of the survey was, once again, Apple a company that needs no introduction. Aston Martin always does well in the poll, this year following apple into second place, connotations of class and none other that agent 007, James Bond, always see the British brand doing very well.

Marcus Breitschwerdt, President and CEO Mercedes-Benz UK, commented: “Mercedes-Benz is breaking one sales record after another in the UK – we’re the fastest-growing premium manufacturer, and AMG is the UK’s fastest-growing high performance brand.

“Our showrooms around the country are full of the coolest cars we’ve ever made, and we’re tireless in our efforts to bring more innovation, style –and great service of course – to more customers than ever before.”

Marcus Breitschwerdt continued: “It’s really great to see that as well as attracting more new customers to our brand, our efforts have been identified by a panel of expert judges and 3,000 consumers.”


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