Alfa Romeo 4C Drive

Chris Harris has quickly become one of the more popular presenters on YouTube’s DRIVE network. Perhaps it’s because he has the enviable task of testing the latest and greatest from the world of supercars. We like to think its the style and sense of inclusion he brings to his reviews though. After watching his latest video, focused on the Alfa Romeo 4C, we feel like we were actually catching a ride with him in the passenger seat!

As Chris points out, the Alfa Romeo 4C is a crucial product release for the Italian brand. Having produced nothing of much interest recently (aside from the unprecedented 12C) the 4C could potentially re-launch the brand and recapture some of the energy it lost. Historically, the Alfa Romeo brand has closer associations with motorsports and sports cars than it does with hatchbacks and saloons. For starters, it scored 4 24 Hours of Le Mans victories!


The 4C weighs 895kg (dry weight), its 236bhp turbocharged 1750cc engine enables the 4C to go from 0-60 in less than 4.5sec and continue onto a very respectable 160mph top speed. Is it a match for the Porsche Cayman S? Chris certainly thinks so, take a look why in the video above!

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