At GTspirit we often report on crashes and collisions. They are usually involve an expensive supercar battering a curb or wrapping itself around a lamppost while racing at a zillion miles an hour in the pouring rain. But as the title of this story highlights, this a a crash with a difference.

Fortunately, home owners Andy and Karen Rattray were not at home when an Audi RS4 plummeted through an oak-framed wattle and daub section of their Tudor period house whilst taking evasive action to avoid a blue Volkswagen that was bizarrely on the wrong side of the road. Apparently the couple are used to cars ploughing through their property in Knutsford, UK. It is the third time a car has smashed through the hedge at the Rattray’s home, though Monday’s crash is by far the most damaging to date.

The couple who have lived in the house for many years commented on the incident saying, “Thank God we weren’t in. We would have been in the lounge. That’s now been obliterated.” The damage to the property me be terminal and structural assessors are evaluating the situation to see if the cottage can be inhabited ever again. After the incident the pair are questioning whether they want to move back in after the traumatic experiences they have faced, “My wife is afraid to live here again, a truck would have gone straight through,” said Mr Rattray.

We tested the RS4 Avant a while back and conclude that it is one of the most capable all round cars we have ever driven. Under the hood lies a naturally aspirated 4.2 liter V8, a high-revving powerplant that reaches its power peak of 450hp at a lofty 8,250rpm and redlines at 8,500. Its powerful enough to take the hefty RS4 to 62mph in just 4.2 seconds and on to a topspeed of 174mph if you choose the right options! Incredible figures given the size of the car. Unfortunately, the powerful ‘Quattro’ 4-wheel-drive system was not enough to stop the car from careering off the road in this situation.

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