Tuned Nissan GT-R Destroyed at Unlim 500+ Drag Races

If you’ve watched our various videos posted from the Unlim 500+ drag races in Russia, you’ll know that the vast majority of the races take place in perfect dry conditions and for good reason.

Whenever you combine slippery roads, cold tires, puddles and insanely tuned supercars you’re bound to face some problems. And unfortunately a female driver recently faced such problems when she lost control of her dark blue Nissan GT-R sending it head first into the steel crash barriers alongside the drag strip.


We can’t tell exactly how fast the car was travelling when the impact occurred, but it did take place ten seconds after the race started. Taking into account the GT-R can hit 100km/h in under 3 seconds in the dry, in the rain a sprint to 100km/h in just over 4 seconds wouldn’t be out of question. As a result, the impact could have been at in excess of 150km/h. So not inconsequential at all.

The results are truly devastating made all the more worse by the fact that the GT-R hits the very start of the crash barrier thus completely destroying the front end. The car then spins around four times before coming to a rest.

Thankfully the driver later emerges seemingly uninjured.

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