Ford GT40 Shows Off Its Fire-Breathing Capabilities in Tunnel

What’s better than watching a Ford GT roar through a tunnel while spitting flames? Not much, but this original Ford GT40 could just do the job. While it’s obviously not as fast as the more-modern Ford GT, this original simply sounds out of this world!

Jonathan Harper on YouTube put together the following video by attaching a GoPro to the rear bumper of the Gulf-colored Ford GT40 and then mounted another camera to a chasing car. Those elements certainly make for an interesting video on paper, but the final result is something simply out of this world entirely.


The tunnel clearly amplifies the exhaust note of the classic racing car to a point where the whole tunnel must have been shaking! Add to that, some incredible flames spitting out of the dual exhaust pipes and you have one hell of a video.

Be sure to turn up your speakers to max and enjoy!

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