Welcome to the World's Fastest Nissan GT-R

It’s quite ironic to think that when the Nissan GT-R was first released, Nissan promised that its electronics were so advanced that it was virtually untuneable. However, as time has proven, the Nissan GT-R has gone onto become one of the world’s most popular supercars to modify with some units delivering almost 2000hp.

With such insane horsepower ouputs, it’s little wonder why some Nissan GT-Rs are some of the world’s quickest cars on the road. One of those is the Nissan GT-R from Severn Valley Motorsport which the company claims has just become the world’s fastest Nissan GT-R.


During a recent run at an MLR event, the 1400hp Nissan GT-R modified by Severn Valley Motorsport and producing an impressive 1400hp managed to hit an incredible 380.84km/h in just one mile! Consequently, the car completed the standing mile in just 22.42 and the insane run can be seen in the video above.

At this stage however, it’s worth mentioning that a 1700hp Nissan GT-R in Russia recently completed the standing mile at a top speed of 382km/h. However, to Severn Valley Motorsport’s credit, their GT-R did reach 300km/h in a mere 11.56 seconds making it almost 1 second faster to that mark than the aforementioned 1700hp GT-R!

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