Visiting factories and car manufacturers headquarters is always a very enjoyable opportunity and one that is very informative. Here in the UK the obvious highlights are the McLaren Technology Center in Woking and the Aston Martin Headquarters in Gaydon.

Celebrating their centenary this year, Aston Martin is the place to be right now with strong sales and development at the company moving faster than ever. Piston Heads decided therefore to host a ‘Sunday Service’ at Astons Gaydon HQ. Those that attended were rewarded with a chance to have a peek behind the scenes (after signing a confidentiality disclaimer of course) of the famous marque including the opportunity to view cars being assembled in the factory.

Aston Martin showcased a range of production, race and special cars from the past 100 years to celebrate its centenary year including a very brown One-77 a very yellow V12 Vantage S, the Rapide S, the latest Vanquish and of course the CC100 Speedster Concept, specifically designed and built for the companies centenary.

As the gallery shows the event was very successful a real tribute to one of the more characterful coach builders ever to exist in the industry.


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