According to reports, a large German investment firm has shown serious interest in purchasing now defunct automaker Fisker.

AutoBild originally brought the story to light, with Jalopnik offering follow up commentary. After losing over $1.4 billion over its lifetime, Fisker is now the prime target of German investment firm Fritz AG Noi.

The firm, which is owned by Hamburg lawyer Ingo Voigt, plans on moving all Fisker production to Finland — assuming the deal goes through, that is. Their plans also include a total vehicle output of around 2,500 Karmas per year, with plans for two new models — the Fisker Sunset and Fisker Surf — in the near future.

And how much does a defunct car company cost these days? Well, Fritz has reportedly made an offer of $25 million for the bankrupt outfit, including all intellectual property. Not a bad deal, assuming they can start selling some cars in relatively short order.

No contracts have been signed as of yet, as Fritz AG Noi has to wait for approval from the U.S. Department of Energy before any buyout can occur.

Source: AutoBild via Jalopnik

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