Video: Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me - Lamborghini Bosozoku

An interesting short 7 minute documentary has just been released on YouTube looking at the unique Lamborghini Diablo owned and frequently driven by Japanese man Shinichi Moroboshi who says his job is being a delinquent…

The following video has been put together by the same man who produced that awesome video of a Japanese man driving his Group C Porsche 962 on the streets and briefly looks at the exotic car scene of Japan as well as the unique lifestyle choices of Moroboshi. The documentary has been dubbed Underground Hero – Love to Hate Me and focuses on the black Lamborghini Diablo owned by Moroboshi which has been equipped with unique neon lights in the interior.

When discussing the film with Jalopnik, creator Luke Huxham said, “Every day in Japan you can see questionable looking people driving around in supercars. Where do they get their money? Who do they associate with? All these questions flooded my mind until finally I found myself behind my Canon 1DC surrounded by Bosozoku, brightly coloured flashing Lamborghinis and the Yakuza.

Bosozoku in Japan are bike gangs with no real respect for laws, the general public or the police. They’re obviously frowned upon, often causing problems for the general public. Very often they’re the early makings of Yakuza. It’s like a training ground. Some of them will grow up and become real gangsters.”

[Via Jalopnik]

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