The Swedish Police was recently exposed by critics for a Police Volkswagen Passat that participates in a street race. The video clearly shows the Swedish police Passat racing a Hyundai. Multiple eye witness reports also claim that the police left without issuing any fines, even though street racing on public roads is forbidden in Sweden.

In a responds to a Swedish website, a spokesperson of the Swedish police claims its merely a coincidence that the police appears to race the other car, in fact they just happened to drive off at the same time as the car next to time. Hard to believe for everyone who watched the video below. What do you think, should the police have done what they are there for and fined the street racers or are they allowed to have a bit of (illegal) fun too?

Update: After a true shit-storm in the Swedish press, the street race organizer and driver of the Hyundai state the police was not there to race and admit that the organizer issued false statements online as to what exactly happened on the road outside Stockholm. The statements don’t change much, except two people trying to save their image and stay out of trouble with the law.

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  1. This was on the news a few days ago in Sweden. I bet the officers will get fired if they get busted!:P And lol to the explaination! The Swedish Police should come up with a better one than that! lol! Clearly a case of two young officers who try to connect with the racers.


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