Video: Lamborghini Countach Made From Lottery Tickets

No matter how you feel about gambling and buying or selling lottery tickets, hundreds of millions around the world purchase them frequently in the hope of becoming extremely wealthy for just a few dollars.

For those many millions, lots have one common desire to achieve if they’re lucky enough to strike it big and that’s to buy an exotic car or numerous exotic cars. When those dreams and hopes and shattered after discovering you don’t have the winning ticket, the world arguably loses a few real dreamers hoping for something better. However, if you’re sculptor and painter Adam Eckstrom or Lauren Was you use those shattered dreams to make a piece of art.

In the following 10-minute documentary looking at the various artistic ventures of the two, they showcase their prized Lamborghini Countach replica made out of American and Chinese scratch-off tickets. Not much focus is given to their unique Lamborghini Countach in the following video, but it started out as a cardboard shell built from assessing the official measurements of the Lamborghini Countach. The thousands of lottery tickets then adorned the bodywork to create a truly unique piece of art.

To get a quick glimpse of this stunning creation, skip forward to the 5:40 mark of the following video!

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