There are those cars which don’t miss an American supercar show such as the Corvettes and Vipers, there also those supercars which will forever appear in any show regardless of the location- such as the Lamborghinis and Ferraris. But in Oklahoma, in such shows, the Mustangs are the staple food. This is Cars and Coffee OKC, and the number of Mustangs in this show just proved the point.

From previous Cars and Coffee events that we have featured on here, OKC has always showed a consistency for the love of Mustangs, while others like Cars and Coffee Irvine take the spontaneous nature.Cars and Coffee OKC takes place every first Saturday of the month at the Northpark Mall – South Parking lot. Its open for every car enthusiast who would like to share and showcase the love for cars.

The most recent event took place on July 6, and just like the gallery reveals- it was a feast for all car lovers. Ford Mustangs and Shelby Mustangs in all generations escorted by the legendary AC Cobras. Camaros and Corvettes are the obvious attendees while the usual Italian “party crashers” Ferraris and Lamborghinis took the stage too. Enjoy the gallery, do not forget to visit Cars and Coffee OKC page for more informations on events!

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