Flo Rida Poses With Tramontana XTR Supercar

The Tramontana XTR is a very strange supercar, not just in terms of its styling and overall shape, but because of its rarity. Since work on the Tramontana XTR was announced in August last year, the car has yet to receive an official unveiling but despite that, one Tramontana XTR recently appeared for sale at 510,000 euros.

Fast forward to July and what appears to be the very first image of a completed Tramontana XTR has hit the online world, but this isn’t your regular photo of a brand new supercar. Instead, the following image was posted on Flo Rida’s Instagram and features the rapper posing in front of the Tramontana XTR supercar. It’s not yet known if Flo Rida recently purchased a Tramontana XTR or is currently doing promotional work for the company, but either way, the rapper is clearly interested in the futuristic looking supercar.

The Tramontana is a two-seater, but not in a conventional way. The driver sits in front of the passenger, both are encased in a glass bubble. Behind them both sits a 5.5 liter V12 Bi-turbo engine. In the Tramontana XTR, this produces 888hp and 980Nm of torque channelled to the rear wheels. The XTR is also fitted with what Tramontana describe as an ‘ultra-rapid competition gearbox.’

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