In quite a sad move for the petrolhead world, BMW has announced today that production of the much lusted after M3 Coupe has finally ended.

The E92 M3 Coupe began production in 2007 and has sold just over 40,000 units worldwide, or almost four times as many as its sedan variant. The M3 Convertible, however, will continue production until September as it becomes the final M3 variation to cease production. Over the E92 M3’s lifespan over 10,000 sedans were ordered, with another 16,000 convertibles helping to round out quite healthy sales numbers for BMW’s most coveted performance car.

With the advent of the 4-series range of vehicles, the M3 will now be name only to the M3 sedan, which will continue production as the new generation of M cars begins anew in 2014. The M4 models will include the former coupe variant of the M3 as well as its convertible variant. While no official word has been released, we can assume the M4/M3 combos will once again feature a six-cylinder engine, although with twin-turbos this time around.

Engine displacement is expected to be right around 3 liters with horsepower hovering around the 450 hp mark. Torque will sit at a suitable 405 lb-ft.

BMW has confirmed that it will release the new M3 in Q1 2014, with the M4 Coupe and Convertible to launch in short succession thereafter.

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