Video: 12-Year-Old Kid Owning Three Ferraris was a Hoax

Remember the story we recently brought you showcasing a 12-year-old British boy who reportedly owned three Ferraris after selling an app to Google for $8.5 million? Well, it turns out the whole thing was a hoax and a rather late April Fools joke.

Upon initially viewing the video we were a bit sceptical but gave young Callum the benefit of the doubt as young entrepreneurial stories like his really do happen. As it turns out, the entire thing was a joke on the presenter from FgearTV on YouTube interviewing Callum who though he was being serious the entire time.

FgearTV had the following to say about the controversial video;

“The video was filmed for two reasons. First as an update to the original video we did about Callum and his Ferrari 355 (which belongs to his father) and secondly to have a bit of fun with the Presenter, Yusef who thought the whole thing was real. He’s not acting, he really did think Callum was for real.

What makes the whole thing such great viewing is that it was all unscripted and unplanned. We bumped into Callum and Paul at a recent event and in the video Callum was making things up as he went along. The guy is amazing and one of the nicest kids you could possibly meet!!!

And yes… he really is 12 years old.”

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