It has been a difficult ride for Steve Saleen as his various companies have gone through mergers, bankruptcies and now it seems a rebirth.

The rebirth comes courtesy of a merger between Saleen Automotive and SMS Signature Cars. Steve Saleen left his namesake company in 2007 after a falling out with management. Shortly thereafter he founded SMS Signature Cars who went on to produce high performance versions of various American muscle cars and trucks, with a primary focus on the car that gave Saleen so much of its success early on — the Ford Mustang.

The press release sent out today confirms that Steve Saleen will once again be in charge of the company, which plans to offer a “complete line of upgraded muscle cars, performance cars, automotive aftermarket specialty parts and lifestyle accessories.” Saleen is also famous for their record-breaking S7 supercar. And it has been confirmed by Steve himself that they are indeed working on another record-smashing supercar.

In addition to work on a brand new Saleen branded supercar, the company is reportedly working on a high performance electric vehicle as well as zero-emission cars. Steve Saleen had the following to say about the rebirth of his brand, “We are excited to become a publicly-traded company and enter into the next stage of our growth, as we bring these automobiles into the mainstream and grow our retail presence into new markets in the U.S. We are also developing high-performance electric vehicles targeting the zero-emissions segment.”

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