A Renault Megane RS racing at the Nurburgring hit a deer while coming out of a blind spot behind a BMW. The Megane RS was traveling at 180kph at the time of impact and according to the owners of the car, the front end that made contact with the deer was completely destroyed. The circuit is not only dangerous to the racers but also to the animals in the surrounding forest area.

Sometime back on the same circuit, we showed you a video of a Nissan GT-R that hit an eagle while traveling at 140mph. As for the Megane RS, the driver was not pushing as hard as he could, and therefor his speed was a little bit lower than normal at that point but that was a blessing in disguise.

The driver says that the deer jumped out from nowhere. He had the choice to try and avoid it and probably spin and crash anyway or just hit it, he chose the latter and he is lucky enough to tell the tale.


  1. There should be a steel net above the guard rails. This would definitely make the track safer for the drivers and the animals.

    • Тая сърничка няма да си играе повече със зайчетата…


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