Jon Olsson's 2013 Gumball 3000 Ultima GTR Rebellion

The very first images of Jon Olsson’s insane Ultima GTR based Rebellion supercar for the 2013 Gumball 3000 have just been published.

Olsson’s completely custom Ultima GTR has already been transformed at least two previous times for previous editions of the Gumball 3000 rally and this latest visual transformation is without a doubt the most extreme interpretation of Olsson’s love for supercars yet.

Still dubbed the Rebellion, the 2013 car features even more unique bodywork with it clearly taking inspiration from LeMans racers through features such as its massive fixed rear wing and long, LMP1 style rear fin stretching down the back of the car.

Jon Olsson's 2013 Gumball 3000 Ultima GTR Rebellion

It’s currently unclear just what is powering this bespoke hypercar, but you can be assured it’ll be just as extreme as the exterior styling.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Gumball 3000 in the coming days!



  1. Not bad. Ultima designed the chassis that a GM/Chevy "small block" V8, (aka "SBC") one of the 10+ different variations available, will just "drop in & bolt up." Ultima also also designed it to use a Porsche g50 transaxle, although some have used an old Renault transaxle and I believe Ultima also used it (in addition to the Porsche G50 at first).

    Jon Olson, based on a few boards I have been on that chronicled his previous build/version, I believe he was using a tuned, twin turbo V8 Audi, which I assume came from one of the "S/RS cars" (i.e. S8). I also believe he was getting close to 800hp AT THE WHEEL when it was dynoed. Although he could have changed the engine.

    Personally, I have spoken with Ultima and they told me they will modify the spaceframe/chassis to accommodate a non "SBC" engine, for a pretty nominal fee.

    But given the low cost yet high power output of a "SBC", I would have just used that, and hope to build one and that's what I would used in the future. You can Safely GET 1200hp from a twin turboed "SBC." Not to mention, certain models were made in aluminum, if you want to keep your weight as low as possible, but the iron versions don't even weigh 150-200 pounds more than an aluminium block.

    FYI: Hennsey's 1200hp, Lotus elise, I mean Venom GT, uses a twin turbo chevy LS9 I believe, the same engine used in the Corvette & puts out 650HP from the factory. The Cadillac CTS-V uses the LSA engine, which is basically a detuned LS9 and "only" gives 555hp from the factory.

    Although they are pushrod engines and don't sound too exotic, they are pretty compact, their center of gravity is lower than a "twin OHC" engine, there are fewer moving parts = fewer things to wear and break and basically, they are bulletproof engines. Also, at least in the US, there are lots of parts available to make your engine more powerful and most of the parts are not that expensive. The most expensive part would be a supercharge system like one from Edelbrock, that usually costs in the $5000 area.

  2. Just to add, I asked Ultima and they said they have no plans nor will they do any custom body work. But I wish they would update the body a bit!

    But for under $50k or even less, you can have a vehicle that will eat every supercar! And if you need a part, you local GM/Chevy or if you're in AU, Holden, or in Europe, Vauxhall or Opel dealer will probably have it on their shelves and for only a few $.


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