850HP Nissan GT-R

We have showed you various videos from Supercar Driver with a more recent one being the Bugati Veyron driving experience in Molsheim. The crew organized an event dubbed “Best vs The Rest” recently, which we shall also feature here in a while, but before that, one of their crew members got a chance to ride in a 850bhp SVM Nissan GT-R under wet conditions and in a drag race with a similarly high tuned Nissan GT-R.

SVM Nissan GT-Rs are well known in Europe, coming from Savern Valley Motorsports the specialists from the UK who built some of the most powerful Nissan GT-Rs. Their packages reange from 600HP to 1600HP and one of their most notable projects is the Hulk GT-R that has 1250HP and set a top speed of 351km/h. This video is not much different as this particular Nissan GT-R engages in a drag race and was able to record quite some high speeds!

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