Video: Porsche 911 by Nine Excellence vs Triumph Daytona 675

The team at TheBHPProject on YouTube recently conducted the following awesome track test between a 1000hp Porsche 911 tuned by Nine Excellence and a stock Triumph Daytona 675 superbike.

In order to test out the performance of these two high-performance machines, TheBHPProject tried to even things up by allowing the superbike a rolling start around a sweeping bend before hitting the main straight before the Porsche ‘9e17’ 911 set off from a standing start.

As the awesome image of the superbike speeds across the path of the Porsche 911, the insane exhaust note and speed of the German supercar is mesmerising even though the Porsche 911 begins to initially loss sight of the Triumph Daytona.

However, as the car begins to approach 180mph, it breezes past the superbike and leaves it in the dust as it reaches a top speed of over 212mph.

Fortunately, the video doesn’t stop there with the second test involving both the Triumph Daytona 675 and Porsche 9e17 911 navigating the sweeping right hander before accelerating hard down the abandoned runway!

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