Video: James Glickenhaus Paces LeMons Race in One-off Pininfarina P4/5

The whole principal of LeMons racing is to bring together a selection of old, ratty and clunky cars together and race them around various circuits in the States.

What makes the events so unique is the fact that they’re open to almost anyone, and provided you have the right car for the job, you too can have a chance to become a LeMons racer.!

However, not everyone has the opportunity to be randomly selected as the race’s pace car driver.

But when James Glickenhaus showed up in his Pininfarina P4/ at a recent LeMons race at the Monticello Motor Club, organisers quickly arranged for the multi-millionaire to drive his multi-million dollar one-off creation just metres ahead of a field of cars so cheap one P4/5 would probably account for the cost of the entire LeMons field five times over!

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