The historic tenure of the Lexus LFA has come to a bittersweet end in Europe, with the 40th and final delivery being made earlier this week.

Europeans were only treated to 40 examples of the supercar that took more than a decade to develop. A total of 500 LFA’s were produced worldwide. Out of the 40, only four examples were delivered with the much sought after Nurburgring package, which added an extra 10 hp, tuned chassis among other track orientated tweaks.

Taking delivery of Europe’s final LFA is Nicolas Schilling, an exporter of Italian and French wines into the LFA’s home country of Japan. In terms of total sales, the breakdown (for Europe) is as follows: Germany led the way with 15 units, followed by Switzerland with 6, the United Kingdom with slightly less at 5 and the Netherlands and France holding station at 4 and 3 units respectively.

Any time production ends on a car , enthusiasts should take notice. But when production ends on a car as special as the LFA, the world should take notice. This is the ending of a legacy.


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