Video: How to put 1140hp to the Ground - Inside Koenigsegg Episode 9

In the final episode of the Inside Koenigsegg web-series, Christian von Koenigsegg gives us viewers the perfect insight into how the Swedish manufacturer manages to get the 1140hp produced by the Koenigsegg Agera R to the road and as Christian explains, this comes through the company’s complex transaxle system.

As with many of Koenigsegg’s breakthrough technologies, its transaxle setup is unquestionably at the forefront of the hypercar industry and has been designed purely with the goal of ensuring the Agera R can utilise all of its 1140 raging ponies.

Christian explains the technology better than we ever could and it’s a fitting end to the Inside Koenigsegg series as it gives us a glimpse into a vital component which makes all Koenigsegg’s extremely potent.

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  1. I was at the Geneva Motor Show this tuesday. I met Christians father at the Koenigsegg stand. We talked about the new car and things about the company. He was such a great man! Me and two friends got to come inside of the Koenigsegg stand. We got to take a close look at the Agera S Hundra. Christians father Jesko Von Koenigsegg told us about Christians dream of building the ultimate car! And once he has done a new car. He searches for new ways to improve the car. He is never 100 % satisfied. This is I think what makes him maybe the best in the business! A man like Christian Von Koenigsegg is what makes this small industry so great! After every episode of Inside Koenigsegg, I respect him more and more! He is a true genius and I am proud to be Swedish because of him and his dream!


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