Render: Alfa Romeo 4C by Alesso Centofanti

After the release of the Alfa Romeo 4C at the recent Geneva Motor Show 2013, it’s inevitable that a large range of variants will be offered throughout its production run.

As a matter of fact, leaked information suggested that these variants could include everything from roadster’s, to high-performance models and in line with this, automotive renderer Alessio Centofanti has put together the following rendering of what he is dubbing the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA.

As the name suggest, the 4C GTA would be a more performance-oriented version of the already extremely capable Alfa Romeo 4C and would feature a host of new upgrades if it ever reached production.

These could include anything from engine tweaking to small styling changes and Alessio’s render shows the Alfa Romeo 4C with a much more aggressive stance and lower ride height as well as what could be a carbon fiber boot lip spoiler.

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