Official: 2014 KTM X-Bow GT

In conjunction with the release of the windscreen-equipped KTM X-Bow GT at the Geneva Motor Show 2013, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer also revealed that KTM is currently developing a five-cylinder engine for the affordable sports car.

“Audi is offering us the five-cylinder engine platform. In race usage we’ve already been thinking about a stronger engine. This one sounds good and performance-wise, you can get up to 480hp.

‘We are running the first prototypes and you may see it within the next year in some specific races. That five-cylinder engine is very compact and fits perfectly in our chassis with a little extra wheelbase. We have some prototypes with a twin-clutch gearbox, too,” he said.

In other words, KTM’s will soon be offered with an uprated version of the Audi TT-RS’ engine.

The new engine has yet to be given the production green light but it’ll inevitably be given the all clear very soon!

[Via EVO]


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