Alpha 9 Nissan GT-R with D2Forged Wheels

Wheels manufacturer D2Forged Wheels has revealed its latest project based upon a Nissan GT-R. This time they come fitted with their 21 inch multispoke design wheels in shallow concave on the front wheels and deep concave at the rear. They are finished in Titanium Graphite and match perfectly with the white body, other features on the wheels include gloss black outer lip and inner barrel, they all come with a hand painted D2 centercap logo.

This particular Nissan GT-R is fitted with an Alpha 9 GT-R package which offers stock-like turbo spool up and drivability while boosting power output to an astounding 950 horsepower on race gas and 850 horsepower on pump gas. This can be attributed to upgrades such as the Alpha 9 Billet wheel upgraded turbochargers and the Cobb AccessPORT tuning system. It’s able to do a 0-60mph in just 2.6 seconds!

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