Shelby Series 1

Do you remember the supercar exhaust sounds video we showed you recently? Well, YouTube user Brian Zuk spotted a Shelby Series 1 that would make most of those supercars sound shy, it’s ferociously loud! The Shelby Series 1 is one of just 249 original cars produced. In this video you will see both the exterior and the exquisite interior too before the car starts up its 320hp V8, revving, then accelerating off.

The Shelby Series 1 is the only car ever designed and engineered by Carroll Shelby from a clean sheet of paper. It was built from the ground up while all other Shelby cars are re-engineered models produced by other manufacturers and modified by Shelby, it was powered by an Oldsmobile’s 4.0 L L47 Aurora V8 DOHC engine developing 320hp and 290lb-ft of torque at 5000rpm. This means that it does a 0-60mph sprint of 4.4 seconds, with a top speed of 170 mph. This is 15 mph faster than the 427 Shelby Cobra.

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