Pininfarina Teases Upcoming Sergio Concept Ahead of Geneva

Pininfarina is set to introduce what could be argued as its most important model to date. Set to be dubbed the Sergio concept, the new Italian exotic will pay tribute to the company’s former chairman, Sergio Pininfarina who passed away in the middle of last year.

In order to increase hype for the car’s upcoming unveil next month at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the historic Italian design firm has released a teaser image of the car seemingly depicting a black engine cover and what could be a rear-wheel arch. Either that or it could be a ducktail style spoiler at the rear of the car.

While speaking about the upcoming concept, Pininfarina stated that it’ll be inspired by the “creative genius” of Sergio and draw upon his “extraordinary achievements” to help create a concept which screams of “exclusivity, innovation and passion”.


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