Render: Bugatti Veyron Beetle Edition

Even though the almighty Bugatti Veyron and VW Beetle may initially seem to share nothing in common, both are actually produced by Volkswagen and both have their engines behind the cabin. Even though the similarities seem to end their, automotive designer known as RC82 workchop on Autemo rendered just how the Bugatti Veyron could have looked if it were produced in 1945 and took inspiration from the famous Beetle.

Featuring various components, such as the wheel hubs and side skirts in chrome, this particular Veyron instantly looks 60 or 70 years older than it actually is. Add to that the larg Beetle headlights and stretched hood and the car begins to look like a modern-day creation Morgan would produce if it were ever to collaborated with Bugatti.

[Via Autemo]

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