Video: Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 with Swarovski Crystal Interior

Most of the car’s we classify as being overkill featuring exteriors so outlandish and over-the-top that they’re deserving of no other title. However, to change things up a bit, our latest overkill edition has been solely determined by the interior of the following Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 with Swarovski Crystal Interior.

As if the cabin of the Murcielago LP640 wasn’t already nice enough to sit in, this cashed-up owner decided that it could be improved with thousands of Swarovski crystals encasing the car’s massive gauge cluster and air vents.

Now, in one respect we can understand why an owner may want to spice up their supercars exterior to attract even more attention, but focusing on the cockpit of a Murcielago is completely excessive and unwarranted as only sharp-eyed paparazzi would take notice.

If that wasn’t enough, we wouldn’t be surprised if this car was actually deemed illegal to drive as those crystals would surely present a massive distraction for the driver!

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