Bentley Super Monaco by Wizzoo7

Render artist Wizzoo7 produced this awesome Bentley supercar design study recently. Its called the Super Monaco Concept and it takes the idea of a Bentley supercar to the next level.

The design appears similar in size to fellow Volkswagen Group model, the Audi R8. Design cues look as though they come from the Bentley Hunaudieres Concept with a set of Bentley Continental lights thrown into the ultra-low from end.

Wizzoo7 has rendered a set of futuristic camera side view mirrors which provide a unique and subtle look. Overall the design is extremely interesting. Returning to the real world though. We’re almost certain that a supercar is the last thing on Bentley executives minds at the moment.

Its still nice to dream that such a car would make it onto the market though. Perhaps Bentley would find a way of slipping the 6.0 litre W12 Twin-turbo engine currently found in the Continental GT Speed. 620hp sounds like an acceptable figure to us.

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