Video: 30 Intoxicating Minutes of a Porsche 911 Rallying

Although the Porsche 911 may not seem like the ideal rally car, the lightweight German supercar has actually proven itself on numerous occasions to be quite the rallying machine and this is evidenced in the following 30-minute clip produced by Rallyefans03 on YouTube.

Featuring an endless array of footage captured during the events entered by the car over 2011 and 2012, the following video is an awesome clip to watch to get an idea about just how capable the 911 can be both on road and off road with some seriously incredible car control being present as the rear-wheel drive 911 comes within inches of disaster on numerous occasions.!

Even if you don’t watch all 30 minutes, be sure to tune into as much of the clip as possible, as it’s simply astounding!

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