Video: Hennessey Mercedes E63 AMG 0-170mph run

It’s not everyday that someone has the opportunity to simply drive a 700hp Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG tuned by Hennessey Performance, but that’s exactly what Matt Farah was able to do while the American tuning company were setting a new benchmark for 0-300km/h acceleration times in their 1200hp Venom GT.

And when presented with a completely deserted runway, Farah did what any other car enthusiast would do, and swiftly pinned the throttle of this 700hp, V8 powered monster to test out the car’s acceleration capabilities.

After putting the car into sports and AMG mode, Farah managed to hit 170mph approximately 30 seconds after setting off. Not bad for a car which can seat five adults in supreme comfort and manage to look completely stock both inside and outside.

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