Video: Harry Metcalfe Drives the Exclusive Aston Martin One-77

Although the Aston Martin One-77 may seem ridiculously expensive at approximately $1.9 million when taking into account that it’s only moderately faster than the DBS and new Vanquish which cost almost ten times less, it’s bound to go down as a classic in decades to come. Additionally, it’s priced in a very similar bracket to the Bugatti Veyron yet is significantly slower albeit slightly more exclusive.

With all that being said however, the One-77 is unquestionably a piece of automotive art filled with technology and a powerplant never before seen in any other Aston Martin’s. Add to that the iconic styling language of Aston Martin and there’s no mistaking that this is indeed a very special car.

Unfortunately however, due to its exclusivity with just 77 units being built, road tests of the One-77 are very rare but EVO magazine founder Harry Metcalfe was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to drive the following light green example on UK roads.

In typical Metcalfe style, we get a full run down of the engine, interior and the driving experience of the car and all of this combines to make one extremely exciting and informative video!

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